What to do in Estoril?

The Lisbon region like Estoril and the Cascais Coast line have a lot to offer the visitor. Apart from beautiful beaches this coast has historic, architectural and cultural events to entertain all visitors.

Sun bathing at the Estoril Coast

The warmest and sunny days of Spring or the beginning of the Summer may be enjoyed with a simple walk by the sea, a soft-drink in one the terraces near the beach or, why not, sunbathing on the Estoril,s Coast beaches. The average temperatures of the air and water during the months from June to September range from 21ºC and 17ºC and the beaches have lifeguards. The sea status is controlled and signalized by flags: the green flag means means the sea is calm, it is possible to swim and dive in safety; the yellow flag requires that visitors be vigilant and it is advised against swimming and the red flag means danger and imprudence when entering the water.

roulette estoril

Casino Estoril

Casino Estoril is located in Estoril, a village located 18 km southwest Lisbon, Portugal. It's the largest casino in Europe.

golf estoril

Playing golf

You should also know that the Estoril is considered a top destination for playing golf. Designed by world-renowned architects, the seven courses of the Estoril coast offer a wide range of schedules, and include all levels of difficulty including the highest international level.

Ragetta estoril

Cascais RC44 CUP

 Cascais' perfect conditions for the regatta course and the excellent manner in which the competition took place last year, are both key reasons for the competition stages returning to Portuguese waters. It was organized 2 years ago for the first time, a Portuguese team led by skipper Patrick Monteiro, was among the 15 competitors

Estoril Autodrome

The Estoril Race Track is a well-established venue on the Formula I circuit. Many car and motorcycle racing events are held here. For a schedule of events, contact your hotel reception or any tourist bureau. The racetrack also offers car and motorcycle racing on an individual basis.